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Featured Artist: Martie Giesbrecht

Martie Giesbrecht is a Canadian Artist from the province of Saskatchewan. The Prairie scenery provides an abundance of inspiration for her to paint. Her life revolves around her family, friends and church. When she’s not working or driving her girls somewhere, she can be found in front of her easel, reading a good book or having coffee with a friend.

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Artwork by Christian Artists

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Forgive Me, Martie Giesbrecht
Warman Saskatchewan art by Martie Giesbrecht
Awaken My Soul, Martie Giesbrecht
Martie Giesbrecht Canadian Artist Saskatchewan
Seeking God, Martie Giesbrecht
Floating Print, Katharine Ward
Pray Print
First They Pray, Clark Kelley Price
Christian Artist
Crystal Cove - Tofino, Yvonne Acheson
Guard Your Heart Print, Katharine Ward
Fleeting Moment Print, Katharine Ward
Little Warrior, Yvonne Acheson
Corrabelle "Corrie" Jacobsen Willard
Prayer of Gratitude, Clark Kelley Price
The Journey, Yvonne Acheson
Aslan Lion Print, Chronicles of Narnia, Katey Elise
Some Discussion, Geesien Postema
Serenity Print, Katharine Ward
Flowers Enjoying the Sun, Geesien Postema
Misty Mountains, Katey Elise
Watercolor on Arches Archival Paper
The Beckoning, Sara Joseph
Sunset Christian wall art by Christian Artist Leah Radlett
Sunset Christian Wall Art, Leah Radlett
Butterfly mosaic art with polymer clay Christian wall art by Christian Artist Leah Radlett
Butterfly Mosaic Art with Polymer Clay, Leah-Radlett

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