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Fun & Interactive Classes to Boost Your Creativity

Encouraging you to set up a prayer closet to help you develop an intimate relationship with God is our focus, but we want you to become a well-rounded Christian as well. God has instilled in each of us some level of creativity — and using what God has blessed us with also helps us to build a deeper connection with Him.

We have Christian course creators that have designed ongoing online classes that will help you learn some new skills that you can use as a new hobby, for business and some will teach you how to study the Bible more effectively. Some of these classes are self-paced video tutorials and others are one-on-one Live Zoom trainings.

Take a look at our full catalog of online courses that we offer below. Register for one, two or all of them. You will be supporting your sisters or brothers in Christ.

Is Art Your Calling

Artists in the Bible: The Template For Your Calling

Have you ever felt completely inadequate in terms of talent and ability? I have—often! I’ve longed for ability I knew I desperately needed! I’ve wondered repeatedly if there was any hope for artists with few skills, like me. I was inspired by the work of others, awed by their talent and hopelessly clumsy when it came to creating my own work. If that sounds like how you also feel—don’t worry! This course is for you. The Artists have much to teach us. My ability as an artist today is nothing like it was when I first began. I testify that my...
Sell art printables

Printables by Numbers

The Printables by Number is an in depth, step-by-step course showing you how to create beautiful high-converting printables to sell or grow your email list! This course has produced thousands of happy students. Learn how to create pretty printables using different programs – so you can choose the right one for you! Think of this course as a ‘paint by number’ for printable creation. A step-by-step guide with actionable steps and no fluff. Learn where to promote your printables to get more subscribers and boost your income Suzi will teach you how to sell your pretty printables on your blog,...
Canva course

Create Prayer Closet Art with Canva

You can start creating your designs in minutes using Canva, free graphic design software that is very easy to use. Learn how to use Canva to create your own graphics for your prayer closet printables, journals, social media posts, or other creative projects. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR CREATE WITH CANVA In this class, you will learn: How to quickly create beautiful designs using Canva How to make Canva’s pre-designed templates your own How to choose fonts, colors, and elements to make your designs stand out How to resize your designs for posting on social media How to post your...
Bible-based art therapy

Biblical Art Therapy: Overcome Fear and Anxiety

7 Facts About Biblical Art Therapy You do not have to be an expert artist to benefit. Words from the Bible combined with art are a powerful duo for healing and growth. God will speak to you in the process. Blessing is guaranteed, if you don’t quit. Time spent in Biblical Art Therapy is time well spent. More than a satisfying activity, this can be a life-transforming pursuit. God’s word, the foundation for Biblical Art Therapy, never fails. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS COURSE Biblical Art Therapy is the practice of developing trust in God by artistically and...
learn how to create a blog

Blog By Number

Blog By Number is everything you need to grow a successful blog. Course Creator, Suzi, started blogging because she craved an outlet for her creative energy, needed adult interaction and wanted to help contribute to the family finances. She grew her blog from $0 to over $20,000 per month in just over a year (while raising her little ones and keeping the house decently clean). In Blog By Number Suzi say, she will teach you how to follow her process and change your life too! Suzi has helped over 94,000+ students start and grow their blogs. CLICK HERE TO SIGN...
how to keep a devotional journal

Journal Secrets for the Christian Artist: Bible Truths for a Meaningful Journal

Why take a course on keeping a journal? What could you learn about something you’ve perhaps done since when you were a kid? Far more than you can imagine, if you’ve never explored or understood the concept of time taught in the Bible! As a Christian Artist, engaging in the practice of journal writing is one of the few disciplines that I would insist upon! There are some really powerful reasons for keeping a journal that hide beneath the surface of this rather common activity. Journaling does not have to take a lot of time to be effective. In our complex tech world,...
how to grow your email list

Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers in Only 10 Days

Sign up to get instant access to this free 10-day challenge Take the Challenge! What You Get: 10 Day Challenge Planner Unique Ideas for Your Freebies Exclusive Tips Suzi ONLY shares on this challenge Momentum To Continue Your List Growth About Your Challenge Cheerleader Suzi is an engineer turned stay at home mom to three little ones (baby boy is not in the picture)! She’s been creating websites since 2009. What started as a little hobby blog turned into a life changing decision.  She never knew creating her own products online could be so powerful. She even retired her husband...
Suzi W mommy blogger

How To Create Printables To Grow Your Email List

Would you like to learn how to make printables, freebies and opt-ins to grow your email list? One of the easiest ways to passively grow your email list is through printables. WHAT ARE PRINTABLES? Printables are mostly known as digital paper files that you can print and frame or use with other digital products. Most of the time they are in a PDF format and contain pretty images, lists or quotes. Printables are also known as freebies or opt-ins when they are used to grow your email list. It used to be fine to just have a “sign up for...

Featured Artist: Sara Joseph

Sara is a Christian artist who paints in watercolors, acrylics, oils, inks and mixed media.  She is also an author, writer, and creator of hand-drawn devotional coloring books. She teaches Bible classes in her home church. All the good in her life is because of Jesus. She is more passionate about Him than writing, art, design or creativity. She enjoys expressing visual praise to God for a redeemed, beautiful life. She’d love to teach you to enjoy the same!

Visit Sara’s website at Christian Artist Resource. Follow her on  Instagram or Pinterest.

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