Is Art Your Calling

Artists in the Bible: The Template For Your Calling

Have you ever felt completely inadequate in terms of talent and ability? I have—often!

I’ve longed for ability I knew I desperately needed! I’ve wondered repeatedly if there was any hope for artists with few skills, like me. I was inspired by the work of others, awed by their talent and hopelessly clumsy when it came to creating my own work.

If that sounds like how you also feel—don’t worry! This course is for you.

The Artists have much to teach us.

My ability as an artist today is nothing like it was when I first began. I testify that my present creative output is not the result of struggling, but of exercising faith in God’s Word!

The information in this course is not merely academic, but practical. I’ve been blessed by God watching over His word to perform it for me!

Therefore I am convinced that the astounding ability of the artists of the past have much to teach us as we aspire to excellence in art.


No aspect of their accounts is accidental but deliberately included by God for our benefit! How wonderful that we can use their stories as templates for our own future!

Like everything else in the Bible, the truths discussed in this course will completely transform your life, if you put them to work by faith.

Keep in mind that it is “the doer of the Word of God, not the hearer only” who will reap benefits from this Bible study!

Who is this course for?

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Artists

What can you expect? 

This is a Bible study—there are no lessons on technique or use of any specific art medium.

In this essential course for every Christian artist you can expect to:

  • Learn transformative lessons from the artists in the Bible
  • Develop confidence in your own artistic role from their example
  • Discover what God has provided for you as an artist,
  • Believe Him for all your needs
  • Enjoy what He has supplied
  • Put these principles to work and watch your own creativity explode, as mine did!

About Your Presenter

Sara Joseph is a Christian artist who paints in watercolors, acrylics, oils, inks and mixed media. The Lord has blessed the work of her hands to be in numerous private and corporate collections around the world. As a sculptor, she has put in years studying figurative sculpture with live models, working in stoneware and terracotta. She now prefers to sculpt in colorful polymer clays. Together with other artists, she co-owned a gallery in Dallas for about a decade. She is also an author, writer, and creator of hand-drawn devotional coloring books. Teaching Bible classes in her home church is another blessing that she enjoys. All the good in her life is because of Jesus. She is more passionate about Him than writing, art, design or creativity. She enjoys expressing visual praise to God for a redeemed, beautiful life. She’d love to teach you to enjoy the same!

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